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American Sanke Keg Fermentor Kit with Thermowell

American Sanke Keg Fermentor Kit with Thermowell

American Sanke Keg Fermentor Kit with Thermowell.  Kit includes Tri Clover Compatible clamp and silicone o-ring for attaching to your Sanke keg.


  • All Stainless Steel Construction.
  • Fits American-Style Commercial Sanke Kegs by simply removing the spear. Keg can be returned to service!
  • TIG Welded for a life-time of service - No End-User Welding Required!
  • 3/8" Polished Linear Racking Arm for Sediment Free Transfers.
  • .29" ID Polished Thermowell For Accurate Temperature Monitoring and Control.
  • Built-in 1/2" detachable Blow-Off Port
  • American Sanke Keg NOT included.

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Weight 2.50 lb
Our price: $84.00

Customer Reviews

  • Author: luke callahan
    So I just wanted to say thanks Darren! I just finished my 10 gallons of IPA using the sanke conversion, and it worked flawlessly!!! What a great product, and easy to clean. Keep up the strong work. Cheers, L
  • Author: Chad Aberle
    I love this thing. Huge time saver for me when I work with 10 gal batches! I feared how I was going to ensure the keg was clean, but a small pump, 5 gallon pail, some PBW, and a little bit of PVC pipe and my fear went away after my first run.
  • Author: Luke H
    This kit just plain works, and it makes racking directly into a corny keg extremely easy and in a sealed CO2 environment. I ferment up to 12/12.5 gallon batches and rarely do I get a blowoff.

    For corny keggers out there, my advice would be to put a piece of 5/16" or 3/8"ID tubing on the racking cane, then attach a quick disconnect on the end of the racking. Purge your keg with CO2, and then depressurize it. You can then simply connect the quick disconnect to your liquid out post on your corny keg, and fill the keg from the bottom up (I push the beer out of the sanke into the corny with a couple of lbs of CO2 pressure from my tank hooked up to the blowoff tube). You can either open the lid to allow the displaced air to escape from the corny keg as it fills, or burp the pressure relief valve (this is my preferred method) every few seconds. It's a beautiful thing to see my crystal clear beer go from the sanke to the corny in a sealed CO2 environment.
  • Author: Mark Turner
    Bought one, liked it so much I got a second. So easy to start the syphon. So easy to clean. I recommend buying a 2" to 1.5" hose barb for secondary. I will never use glass or plastic again.
  • Author: Paul G.
    Quality of this product is top notch! I bought two of them. My only (and small complaint) would be that the blowoff tubing be made into a "U" shape that dropped over the side of the keg. Most silicone or equiv. tubing is too soft and will crimp when dropped into a blowoff container. Other than that, I'm thrilled and am about to replace my carboy cap "conversion" right now! Thanks Brewer's Hardware.

    Also, a racking cane with keg depth marked on it would allow approximate locating of the racking tube so not hitting trub when done fermenting. Just a thought...