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Tri Clover Compatible Strainer/Filter - Original Design

Tri Clover Compatible Strainer/Filter - Original Design

This Inline strainer is 12.25" in overall length and the main body is 3" in diameter. The inlet and outlet are 1.5" Tri Clover Compatible Flanges (compatible with 1" Tri Clover Compatible fittings as well) and the lid is clamped to the body with a 3" Tri Clover Compatible clamp. The permanent stainless steel mesh filter features 0.5mm pores; small enough to filter out a significant amount of trub amd hop material but large enough not to easily clog.  Read about the trub strainer filter test results here.

Place after your pump and a before a plate chiller to reduce the amount of debris that makes it into the plate chiller and ultimately into your fermenter. The relatively large pore size still allows some trub through for healthy yeast and fermentation. The large 3" Tri Clover Compatible clamp between the body and the lid allow for easy disassembly and cleaning.

If you want or need finer straining, optional 0.2mm and 0.3mm strainer nets are also available.  These nets slip over the fixed 0.5mm element to provide a second stage of filtration. The nets are woven from 304 stainless steel to provide years of service.

The inlet side of a brewery pump should not be restricted.  Do not place in front of a brewery pump, only on the outlet side.

This is the original design with 0.5mm pores in the hard element.


Weight 4.06 lb
Our price: $99.95
Assembled Trub Filter
Trub Filter Screen Detail

Customer Reviews

  • Author: Raymond Panek
    Great product!!! I use it between the brew kettle and the FV and between the FV and kegs while packaging to keep hops out of my kegs. Don't use this with Oatmeal Stout!!! The oatmeal plugs it up!
  • Author: Eric Akeson
    This filter works really well! I use it to eliminate trub/husk from the mash tun to the kettle, and then again from the kettle to the fermenter. Awesome quality product!
  • Author: Ben
    This filter is very heavy, I dont know if I would hang it off of my Blichmann without some kind of support. I could not believe how thick the wall of the filter housing is; I know it is expensive, especially after 1.5 tri's to NPT and then cam locks (I payed 218.85 shipped). Think about it for a second it is a Hop blocker, a Hop rocket, and a filter screen on my HERMS to allow me to use a plate chiller as the heat exchanger with no fear of clogging it! Add it up HopRocket 125 + HopBlocker 60 = 185(not shipped). A few bucks more and you have a Trub filter + everything else in one device to clean! Easy decision.
  • Author: Jim Compson
    This is the BEST product if you use a counter flow chiller. It used to take hours to get the trub out of the chiller now it's a 5 minute job.
  • Author: Ben Hamlin
    this works amazingly well. I don't use a lot of hops since I usually an brewing Belgian and British ales but I bought this because I was having trouble with trub restricting the flow through my plate chiller. I hooked this to my Blichmann by replacing the ball valve with a sanitary fitting and it works unbelievably well! I can't believe how much 2 oz of hop pellets expand and what I am preventing flowing through my hard-to-clean chiller.
  • Author: Luis
    This product has an awesome quality, works very well.
  • Author: Lars Hjorth
    This is probably the best ever gadget i bought to my brewery. The finish is awesome, it's heavy and should last forever i guess. I just transferred my first brew and i got every single drop of the 80 liter heavily pellet hopped wort over to the fermenter, clear and with a constant flow. Great product, really value for money.
  • Author: Joshua Martinez
    I Have used this filter a couple of times now. It works pretty well on Hops and I haven't had it clog. I find it works better after my counter flow chiller than before it. Probable because as the wort chills more stuff precipitates from solution. I am actually thinking of buying one of the smaller pore size inserts because I still get a decent amount of trub that ends up in the fermenter.
  • Author: Robert Pull,DC
    I bought this because of the sellers tests and other reviews. This thing is made very well and looks great. It does a great job filtering but it has clogged up 9 out of 10 times I have used it. Nothing is worse then stopping everything to unclog. As little as 6oz of pellets in a 10 gallon batch clogs it.
  • Author: Michael R
    Excellent product, so far I have used it to filter wort being transferred from boil to fermenter.

    Found that it is still a good idea to use some sort of bag/basket when adding hops to your boil, the 0.3m screen clogged up halfway through the transfer of a 5 gal batch.

    I also use a torpedo screen inside the kettle to filter out larger materials & to prevent blockage of the port.

    Look forward to using it with my new counter flow chiller
  • Author: christopher muller
    Great product! Had a problem with it clogging. I was was moving wort from my MK to my BK thru the filter. Then cooling post boil thru the filter which is hooked directly to my plate chiller. Break material and mash trash was the perfect size to clog the holes in the filter. I added the 3mm screen and no more clogging. The screen rejects the particulate and the filter design creates turbulence to keep the them in suspension thus allowing flow to continue thru the filter. I bag my hop pellets. Ran 18 gallons. The screen caught everything and did not clog. The down side the screen is a bit of a pain to clean.
  • Author: Jim Wilcox
    Clogs too easily even after whirl pooling and installing post pump. This was an absolute waste of my money.
  • Author: Greg K.
    Clogged almost immediately after being hit with 1.5 oz of pellet hops in a 5 gal knockout, using a March AC-5 pump. Filter input pressure may have been a contributing factor, as the initial contact surface (the small exterior end of the filter core) was impossibly coated with hop cement. My brewing day turned into a disaster, but the beer still turned out great. Technically, the filter does its job. Had to burst rinse it and leave it sitting in a bucket of strong caustic (Liquid Excel LF) for a couple days to loosen it, then burst rinse it again. I suggest a couple of things if you are going to buy this filter: 1. Don't use this without a pre-filter whirlpool; 2. Buy two of them, so you can be cleaning one while using the other; 3. Create a "filter bypass" rig, so you can go around the filter if it clogs; 4. Buy one size larger than you think you need.