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12" Heat Shield / Burner Mount

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12" Heat Shield and Burner Mount

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These 12" diameter X 4" tall burner mount/heat shields are made to fit a the 12" bay of a typical Brutus 10 type single tier stand.  They have mounting holes to accommodate our BURN10 Banjo-Style burner as well as the Bayou Classic BG14 Banjo Burner.

The 12" design will require 1/2" longer screws for your burner and leaves 1/2" between the mounting lug and the shield itself.  The new design is rolled but no longer spot welded, giving you a little flexibility to make for minor dimension corrections without squeezing the ring out of shape. The seam is made to be at the rear of the ring.  There are 3 heights of mounting holes for the burner that are offset to rotate the burner about 30º to tuck it under the stand just a little while still allowing it to be accessible.  It also gets it out from being directly under the valve connections or your kettles (assuming of course you have them directly forward).

The other new feature allows you to "unfold" the top 2" X 180º of the back half of the ring.  One of the issues I've run into in R&D for stands and burner mounts is getting the exhaust gas to vent rather than collect under the kettle and choke the flame.  It's a particular problem with these large burners.  Mounting the heat shield lower or standing the kettle higher is one way to fix the issue, but then a lot of heat wash comes forward towards your valves, hoses and sensor wires.  If you design your stand so the rear longitudinal support is 2" lower than the cross/kettle supports, the exhaust gas will naturally vent to the rear, allowing the burner to breathe better and keep the front cooler.  This heat shield/mount is already cut so you can unfold the top 2" of it and bend it towards the rear, offering a heat shield for the cross supports and better venting to the back of the stand. This only works of you have the rear cross member lower or relieved. 

Made from heavy duty 18 gauge 304 stainless.

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Customer reviews
Average rating:
3.50 (Votes: 2)
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  • BrewdogbrewingsystemsLLC
    Dec 31, 1969, 16:00
    The burn shield looks great but doesnt fit my bayou classic brand BG14. If i do use the stock mounting holes the whole thing warps and gets lop sided. Maybe this worked better on other brands but not the standard bayou brand.
  • aaron b
    Dec 31, 1969, 16:00
    Nice shields. One odd thing about them however is that the mounting holes seem to be drilled at random locations relative to the foldout on each unit. Do to this it's impossible to have the foldout facing the same direction while keeping the burner stems the same direction. Not a huge deal but would have been nice to know before welding to my rig!

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