After years in development, we feel we have the best small batch size stainless steel conical fermentor on the market. As such, we believe in providing the best quality possible by performing quality control checks on every fermentor before it arrives at your door. Some other vendors ship directly from their manufacturer, which if everything was made perfectly wouldn't be an issue. But errors and imperfections can happen and even if they are extremely infrequent, we like to play it on the safe side and ensure there are no issues prior to delivery.

These conicals are some heavy weight stainless steel. Everything from our 8 gallon to 7 BBL gets lifted out of their crate by our forklift for easier access to the legs and cone. Our forklift made quick work of this 5 BBL fermentor and the International Space Station could probably see the reflection of the sun off this bad boy.

5 BBL Conical Fermentor 5 BBL Conical Fermentor

Most of the time there aren't any issues and just some light buffing and polishing is done. We were very happy with this batch of fermentors and one of our QC guys, Chase, finished the process in no time.

Chase polishing the conical

This will be the first of many blog posts to show some of the behind the scenes work at our warehouse in Huntington Beach, CA. If you are interested in the full quality control process, we will be showing everything involved from start to finish. So keep an eye out for that post coming soon! We enjoy showing what goes on behind the curtain and hope you guys do to. 


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