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Rotating CIP Spray Ball 1/2" Female FPT Connection
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Ratings and Reviews of Rotating CIP Spray Ball 1/2" Female FPT Connection

Score: 4.10 (votes: 10)
Reviews: 9
Score: 4.10 (votes: 10)
Reviews: 9
Rating of votes (10)
Customer reviews
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  • Benjamin Hocking
    Jun 27, 2021, 10:23
    I included pressures delivered by 3 different pumps, the irrigation pumps used 1 inch tubing and the March 809HS used 1/2 inch tubing.

    March 809HS - Produced 0 PSI and would not rotate the spray ball; Just and FYI when the outlet valve is closed completely the pump only generates 3PSI - Way less than the rated 6.7PSI. After in-service for 10 years never rebuilt a new or rebuilt pump might perform better. Pump not recommended for use with this CIP ball.

    Wayne PLS100 1HP Irrigation Pump - Produced 3.5 PSI, rotated the ball just fine with 135 Degree PBW and Sodium Hydroxide solutions. In-service for 5 years. Works just fine in a 45 gallon tank and 30 gallon fermenter with this CIP ball cleaning all Boil Trub and Krausen.

    Barracuda 691-1808 1HP Irrigation Pump - Produced 8.5 PSI, rotated the ball just fine with 135 Degree PBW and Sodium Hydroxide solutions. Brand new 0 in-service year(s). Works just fine in a 45 gallon tank and 30 gallon fermenter with this CIP ball cleaning all Boil Trub and Krausen.

    I mostly closed off the outlet valve on the irrigation pumps and the pressure easily maxed out the gauge.

    If the CIP ball did not have as many slits in it for water to come out maybe the the March 809 Pump could run it. I am looking to get a Chugger T-Max pump and see how it performs, I will update if I do.
    Brewers Hardware, Inc.
    Jun 29, 2021, 13:35
    Thanks for the thorough testing!
  • John Katics
    Dec 31, 1969, 16:00
    I have the ball mounted sideways in my MLT for sparge with the bottom of the MLT 6" higher. It does not rotate (as I desired) and disperses in a gentle 6-8" circle.
  • Brad Nixon
    Dec 31, 1969, 16:00
    I added one of these to my Mark's Keg Washer and it works great. The submersible pump puts out plenty of PSI to rotate the ball and thoroughly clean my kegs.
  • Randy Halseth
    Dec 31, 1969, 16:00
    I don't understand what this product is. I am using a keg as a mash/lauter tun. If I mount this with the ball pointing down and use a March pump to pump sparge water through it, what will the spray pattern look like and will it cover the entire grain bed?
  • Brad Nixon
    Dec 31, 1969, 16:00
    CIP stands for clean in place. The purpose of these balls is to clean equipment without having to dismantle it, just like a production brewery. I suppose it could be used as a sparge sprayer, but that is not the intended purpose. It is designed to power wash with a pump pushing the cleaning solution through the CIP ball. Lower pressure applications, like using a gravity feed from one vessel to another, will not make the ball spin.
  • Michael Moore
    Dec 31, 1969, 16:00
    I got two and they are mounted in my Blichmann 14 gallon conical fermenters. The Marks Keg Washer pump only put out about an 8" circle which did not reach the top of my fermenters. I did get a submersion pump from Harbor Freight for $35 and it works fantastically in a 5 gallon bucket only using ~3 gallons of hot water. I would recommend this product, but make sure you have an adequate pressure source.
  • Maierhof
    Dec 31, 1969, 16:00
    This thing just works like it is supposed to.

    I use this with 3/4HP utility pump in a bucket and clean almost every keggle, fermenter, and corny keg I own with it. This thing throws about an 6-8' circle of water when I run it in the backyard which is plenty enough for my use at ~15".
  • Will Hodges
    Dec 31, 1969, 16:00
    I use mine for a 14 gallon Ss BrewTech Chronical fermenter. I usually run a hose from my 15 gal kettle (filled with PBW or TSP solution,) using one of my Chugger pumps. Even with kettle or pump valve half open, that thing spins like crazy and blasts away trub or sediment. Once it fills, I'll let it soak a minute then drain it and rinse with water straight from the hose spigot (u can use any sink faucet too) to the CIP. It supplies about the same pressure as the pump. Sometimes I use a spray bottle of Star-San or fill it with Star-San or 1Step solution and let it sit overnight. Since they don require rinsing, I just dump it and take all the TC parts off for a soak in 1Step. I just started using the CIP ball about six months ago and am considering getting one for my weldless kettles. They realty do cut down on time, sweat and chemicals if you reuse The cleaning (not sanitizing) solutions to soak and clean your stainless gear. 14 gallons of PBW solution cleans two 14 gallon conicals, three 15.5 gallon kettles and some corny kegs too. As log as its clean to the eye and then sanitized with something like Star-San, you're good to go. And if bottle conditioning or using a counterflow filler, I like soaking bottles in a bucket, sink or kettle filled with 1Step. I only requires 2 min contact time before drying. No rinsing required and you can beat the FastRack bottle dryers. They can even be rigged to use with a Mark's Keg Washer. I built a 5' tall bottle tree using dowel rods and still use it, but the trees take up lots of space. The FastRacks can be easily stored on a shelf or in a cabinet.
  • Bobby Gaglione
    Dec 31, 1969, 16:00
    I've been using this in a conical with Harbor Freight Pump #68454. This thing requires quite a bit of flow before restriction occurs and spins it, which is why I selected this specific pump. I would hesitate to get anything less powerful. Great quality and price!