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The BH15 Pilot System - Single Tier Stainless Steel Brew System

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The BH15 Pilot System - 15G Single Tier Stainless Steel Brew System

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The BH15 Pilot System - Single Tier Stainless Steel Brew System

The BH15 Pilot System is a single tier, three vessel, fully plumbed, 15 gallon brew system. Seven years in the making, our unique design allows for a more efficient brewing process due to our J-tube manifold and 3-way valves. This manifold allows for transferring, sparging, vorlaufing and whirlpooling without any hosing changes!


The Brew Stand

The BH 15 is built from our very own brew stand. It's unique design maximizes airflow around the burners while minimizing heat wash up the fronts of the kettles, keeping the front of the system as cool as possible. The back of each burner bay is open to allow the exhaust gases to escape out the back.  The burner mount heat shield is flush with the bottom of the deck, but open in the back, directing most of the heat rearward.  The burner mount heat shields are the same ones we sell and designed to mount our BURN10 10" banjo style burner or a Bayou BJ14.

The deck of the stand is constructed of 2" square 16 guage 304 stainless.  The deck is supported by 2" diameter .065" wall round tubing legs to fully support kettles to 20 gallon. All of the lateral structural supports are 1.5" .065 wall round tubing. The advantage of the round tubing is we can make most of the welds in our rotary welding lathe, providing a single continuous weld with only one start/stop; providing a single consistent and nearly invisible weld at those points. All of the material cuts are made on a high-end Doringer cold saw, allowing for nearly perfect weld-ready cuts free of discoloration and contamination of an abrasive cut-off saw.  (Going off on a tangent: cold saws are really cool! If you've never seen one, they're like a wood miter saw but only turn 54 RPM.  The material is clamped in a vice while the 14" fine-toothed blade is flooded with coolant while it cuts, essentially milling through the material without heating it.)  After welding, all of the welds are cleaned and repassivated with an electro-chemical weld cleaner.

Premium Sanitary Fitting Outfitted Kettles

Our Pilot System features 3 of our tri clover compatible kettles. Our 15 Gallon series of Brewing Kettles share these common features:

  • 304 Stainless Steel, Polished Inside and Out.
  • Included Lid Features a Hook to Hang Lid from the Kettle Rim.
  • 15 3/4" Diameter X 20" Tall with Heavy Duty 1.2mm Wall Thickness.
  • 1" Tri Clover Compatible Tri Clamp Temperature Port located 4" Above the Outlet Ferrule (this port comes with a cap in case you don't want to use it.)


The mash tun includes a CNC punched false bottom and has 1" back to back ferrules high on the kettle for the recirculation/sparge return. Our boil kettle features a tangential inlet for forming a clockwise whirlpool, just like commercial scale equipment. This makes a drastic reduction in chilling time when used with an immersion chiller and also creates a nice hop/trub pile in the center of the kettle, minimizing trub entering your fermenters.

J-Tube Manifold

After years of fussing with hosing changes and other complicated designs, we have simplified our setup by having a j-tube manifold and 3-way ball valves. This manifold allows for transferring, sparging, vorlaufing and whirlpooling without any hosing changes!

What's Included

  • The Brew Stand
  • 15 gallon Hot Liquor Tank, Mash Tun, and Boil Kettle with required pickup tubes and pull trigger butterfly valves.
  • (2) Center Inlet Chugger Pumps with fittings to adapt to tri clover.
  • (2) pump mounts to attach to the brew stand.
  • (2) 1" Tri Clover Compatible Quick Clean ball valves for the boil kettle tangential inlet and mash tun return.
  • J-tube manifold with (2) 1" Tri clover Compatible 3-way ball valves. 
  • All the required 1/2" x 3/4" silicone tubing.
  • (5) 1.5" tri clover compatible x 5/8" hose barbs.
  • (4) 1.5" tri clover compatible x 5/8" 90 degree hose barbs.
  • (1) Compact sight glass for the mash tun return.
  • (2) Manifold stand support bars
  • All the required Tri Clover Compatible clamps and gaskets.

Burners & Gas Manifold Upgrade

This upgrade will add 3 of our 10" low pressure cast iron burners, 3 valve and lpg orifices, 1 regulator, and all the required gas manifold fittings. This is everything you will need to have a fully plumbed gas system!

Tri Clover Compatible Pump Upgrade

Our base system includes the necessary fittings to adapt the pumps to tri clover, but this eliminates the need for threaded fittings on the pump and makes them easier to clean. We weld these Tri Clover Compatible pump heads in house! We invested in custom fixtures that allow us to cleanly cut off the threaded portion of the pump head in our cold saw and then weld on a Tri Clover Compatible flange in our computer controlled orbital welder.  The result is the cleanest Tri Clover compatible conversion on the market.

Kettle Sight Glass Upgrade

Add this option if you want a Tri Clover Compatible clamp style sight level glass welded into the kettle.  Our custom made 90 degree compression X 1/2" Tri Clover Compatible tri calmp style adapters grip either end of a very heavy duty 1/2" OD Pyrex tube.  We weld 1/2" Tri Clover Compatible tri clamp style ferrules to the kettle.

20G Kettle Upgrade

This option upgrades all the brewing kettles to our 20 gallon version. This is a good option if you plan on brewing 15 gallon batches. Our 20 gallon kettles share the same width as our 15 gallon kettles, but they are taller.

Add Extra Tri Clover Compatible Ferrules

Since we weld in shop, we can add extra tri clover compatible ports to any of the kettles. This may be a good option if you plan on going electric and using heating elements. See related products below for available welds.


Please call for current lead times.

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