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Temperature Sensors

These are assembled complete stainless steel temperature probes based on our spun and welded stainless steel probe ends. They are available for all the most common temperature controllers and home brewery automation systems on the market today including: The BrewTroller Home Brewery Automation System and the Embedded Control Concepts BCS-460 / BCS-462 / BCS-482 Home Brewery Controller. Available in stock lengths from 4" to 12".

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Common Specifications:

  • 316 Stainless Steel Probe Ends are spun shut and TIG sealed.
  • 4 to 12" Lengths Available
  • Sensor is epoxy potted for Accurate Readings and Reduced Lag Time
  • Internal Soldered Connections All Wrapped in Heat Shrink Tubing
  • 8' Shielded Cable Length Standard
  • BCS-460, BCS-462, and BCS-482 probes are built with high-quality Vishay thermistors.
  • BrewTroller version temperature probes are built with the DS18B20 digital sensor .