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Tri Clamp Compatible Fittings

Tri Clamp, also called Tri Clover, compatible fittings can be a little confusing at first.  But take a look in any commercial brewery, winery or commercial food proccessing plant and look to see what they are using to make their connections. They will almost certainly be using Tri Clamp type sanitary connections. The advantage to these connectors is how easily they are cleaned and how sturdy the are. With no nooks or crannies for nasties to hide, they clean like a breeze. There are no ball-sockets like a conventional brass, plastic or stainless quick disconnect. You can see every surface that meets your precious wort. If that weren't reason enough: they don't leak. 

Our Tri Clamp compatible fittings are made from all 304/304L stainless steel unless otherwise noted.

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