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BCS Temperature Sensors

Complete Temperature Sensors for the BCS-460, BCS-462, and BCS-482 Home Brewery Controller.

Available in several different configurations.  Straight-Mounted sensors are designed to be held in place with a 1/4" compression fitting making them ideal for a quick removal from a vessel.  We offer 1/4" compression fittings in 1/4" & 1/2" MPT threads.  Tri Clover Compatible flange mount sensors are made to be clamped into a tri clover ferrule welded into the vessel.  Our new NPT mounted temperature sensors are welded into an NPT fitting, providing a more econimical solution for adding a sensor to an FPT coupler, bulkhead or fitting.

Cable lengths on fixed cable versions measure 8' overall; so a 4" end will have a 7'-8" cable and a 12" end will have a 7' cable.