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We offer a wide variety of stainless steel  thermowells to fit just about any need and any brewery.  A thermowell allows you to get an accurate temperature measurement of your beer, wort, water or other liquid while protecting the sensor being used to get the measurement.  Stainless steel is a great material for making a thermowell because it quickly attains the temperature of the liquid surrounding it, it's impervious to heat and it is inert so it won't contribute any off-flavors to your beer.

All of our thermowells are made from 304 stainless steel (316 is available for customers purchasing them for use in a salt water aquarium, email for information).  The end is spun closed and then sealed with a TIG weld, no fluxes, fillers or solders are ever used.  The portion that would normally be in contact with your beer or wort is then polished to a high luster to make it easy to clean and sanitize.  They are all made from 3/8" .035 wall tubing to last a life time and will accept any probe up to .29" in diameter including probes from the Ranco ETC - Series controllers, Johnson A419 and LOVE TS Series controllers

The most popular thermowell we sell is the straight-wall thermowell.  It's typically used with a rubber stopper in a carboy opening to accurately measure the temperature of your fermentation.  Our threaded thermowells come in several stock lengths and feature 1/2" MPT threads.  Available with and without a heat-shield, they are designed to thread into a 1/2" female coupler on a mash tun, hot liquor tank or boil kettle, there is an adjustable length version which is nice in a mash tun as you can take readings from different depths.  We also offer a line of Tri Clover Compatible thermowells both in a unique low-profile in-line design and cap-based. 

If you don't see a length or configuration you are looking for, shoot us an email.  I've made thermowells as long as 36", with BSP threads and from tri clover caps as large as 4".