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MPT Threaded Thermowells

These fixed-length threaded stainless steel thermowells are made in lengths from 2" to 8", measured from the face of the threaded fitting to the the tip.  There are two basic models, one with a heat shield for gas-fired breweries and one without a heat shield for electric breweries or locations out of the heat wash from the burner. Both models feature fully polished surfaces inboard of the threads for easy clean-up and a brushed finish outside the threads. They fit any 1/2" FPT coupler you might have on your brewing vessel.

Just like the rest of our stainless steel thermowells and temperature probe ends, these are spun shut and TIG welded to seal with no fillers or fluxes. The ID is .305" and fits the temperature sensors of most digital temperature controllers on the market such as Ranco ETC series, Johnson A419, Love controllers or any sensor less than .30" OD.

Thermowell Specifications:

  • Polished stainless steel thermowells are available stock from 2" to 8" in 2" increments.
  • The polished surface inboard allows for easy clean up.
  • 1/2" male pipe taper threads fits 1/2" couplers welded into most modified kettles, hot liquor tanks and mash tuns.
  • Heat shielded versions feature a 4" TIG welded heat shield and cable protector to keep the cable protected from the burner heat wash and provide for a more accurate measurement.
  • Both versions have flared open ends to protect the cable from snags.