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3A Compatible Weld-In Butterfly Valves

These weld-in valves do not have flanges welded on.  They're ideal of tight locations where a clamp is too difficult to remove.  They're typically used in semi-permanent locations or on manifold boards where they don't need to be removed often, saving the cost and headache of multiple clamps and gaskets. We have two styles, 2-piece where the body of the valve is threaded together and one end of the the pipe run must be movable to split the valve in the event the seat needs replacing.  The second design is a 3-piece design where separate flanges are welded into the tubing run. These flanges seal against the valve body with o-rings and the whole thing is pulled together with tie-bolts much like a sight glass.  The result is a valve that can very easily be removed to service the seat.  

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