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16" Stainless Steel Thermowell

16" Stainless Steel Thermowell

Made from 304 stainless steel, these thermowells are made using the same process as my stainless steel temperature probe ends.  The end is spun shut and then sealed with a TIG weld.  The entire body is then polished for easy cleaning and the perfect sanitary surface.  Other thermowells on the market are just crimped closed and then sealed with a weld, leaving a jagged rough surface.  I've even seen a few that they didn't even bother to clean the markings off the tubing!

ID = .305"
OD= .375"


SKU TWS38-16
Weight 0.31 lb
Our price: $12.00

Customer Reviews

  • Author: Kevin R
    Very nice, professional quality and great price!
  • Author: ryan foley
    VERY well made thermowell. i cant wait to try it out on my next brew this weekend! and best of all it was only $12.
  • Author: Richard Jensen
    I picked up my thermowell due to a very competitive price but after seeing/using mine, I would gladly pay much more. The quality and finish is very impressive! ...you won't go wrong buying your 'well here! Prost!
  • Author: Bob K.
    Very pleased with my new thermowell! There is no comparison to other commercial units I've handled. The surface finish and end treatments on the Brewers piece need to be seen 1st hand to be appreciated. Top notch stuff. Keep up the good work!
  • Author: Jimmy A.
    I honestly didn't think I'd be impressed by a thermowell, but this thing is NICE. I'm almost afraid to use it.
  • Author: Hutch
    Smooth and clean. This little piece of stainless steel is done well. Very glad I discovered you guys!
  • Author: Gideon S.
    Super fast shipping, and very nice quality, now why didn't I buy a few more? Roomy fit for my stc-1000 probe, and I thermowell fits nicely in a number #2 drilled stopper.
  • Author: GPW
    WOW, so nice. Don't waste money on the ones that come with a stopper at a brew shop. These are thicker and will last forever. Temperature probe fits great.