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1.5" Tri Clover Compatible RIMS Tube

1.5" Tri Clover Compatible RIMS Tube

Brewers Hardware RIMS Tube Kit Latest Design

The Brewers Hardware 1.5" Tri Clover Compatible clamp-based RIMS Tube is designed to maintain a constant mash temperature. It can also be used for step mashing and also mash-out. Unlike any other RIMS tube on the market, it features all Tri Clover Compatible fittings for easy disassembly and cleaning. When disassembled, you can pass a brush clean through the entire tube body. The inlet and outlet feature 1.5” Tri Clover Compatible ferrules which will accept our barb or NPT Tri Clover Compatible fittings. The body diameter is 1.5” OD tubing with a 1.375" ID, providing for an improved flow rate across the element to reduce any possible wort scorching. A 16” overall length of the RIMS tube itself allows for almost any heater element to be installed and a unique 2-piece design allows the inlet and outlet to be rotated to any angle from each other that you want.

Either element end fitting is threaded with 1” NPS threads to match almost every water heater element available at any home improvement center. Similar products use the easier to find NPT threads which will almost always bind with the element before sealing.

Base price before configuration Includes:

  • 1 - 1.5" Tri Clover Compatible 2-piece RIMS Tube
  • 5 - Silicone Gaskets
  • 5 - Tri Clover Compatible Clamps

A water heater element and temperature controller are required but not included. Your system will also require a pump.

Configuration Options:

The new configuration tool allows you to configure your RIMS tube how you want.  The first Step is selecting an element adapter. Our new 1" NPS adapter with an integral cover designed to cover the electrical connection to the element is highly recommended.  It is not water proof but is splash resistant and includes a grounding screw.  You can also order the RIMS tube with a plain exposed 1" NPS adapter if you intend to build the unit into a secondary enclosure like a tool box or enclosed control panel.  There is NO PROVISION FOR A GROUNDING LUG since grounding would take place inside the enclosure.

Step 2 is selecting a temperture sensor for your RIMS tube. We make sensors welded directly into a Tri Clover Compatible cap that is clamped directly to the temperature end of the RIMS tube.  This allows for the most direct temperature read.  Sensors are available for the BCS-460, BrewTroller (DS18B20) and LOVE TS series controllers. 

 If you plan to use the stock sensor that came with your controller or a thermocouple or other threaded device, skip to Step 3 and you can select a thermowell or other threaded fitting.

Step 4 allows you to select from the most common inlet and outlet fittings.  Remember, the RIMS tube includes clamps and gaskets but does not include any I/O fittings.  Fittings are selected individually for customers that need a different option for each.



  • It is imperative that the heater element be wired by a qualified electrician, enclosed in a water-tight enclosure and protected with a GFCI circuit breaker! Improper wiring and/or control of a heater element in this environment CAN AND WILL KILL YOU. If you are not 100% sure you know what you are doing, get help. If you have any doubt, please return it for a full refund.
  • This device is inherently dangerous. Improperly used, dangerous pressure can quickly build in the tube resulting in an explosion of boiling liquid CAUSING EXTREME INJURY, BURNS OR EVEN DEATH!
  • You must use a temperature controller to monitor the effluent temperature and control the heater element. A device that can adjust the intensity of the output such as with PID technology and an SSR are recommended. The BCS-460 or BrewTroller are two of the better qualified devices on the market. Always set the temperature below 175* to prevent the element from boiling the wort in the tube.
  • You must also use a pump to move the wort across the element. A control relay must be installed that prevents the element’s control relay from closing unless the pump is operating. There are quite a few ways to accomplish this, but your system should be wired so that the element cannot energize if the wort is not moving across it. This wiring in conjunction with the temperature monitor are the only safety features preventing the element from boiling wort in the tube resulting in a dangerous build up of pressure and possible explosion.
  • Each time you assemble the RIMS tube, be sure that the element is not contacting the body or thermowell of the RIMS tube. Carefully bend the element as needed to ensure the element is not contacting the tube body. Never use an element that cannot be installed without clearing the tube body.
  • Never rotate the inlet and outlet while the RIMS tube is in operation.
  • If you have any doubts in your ability to install and operate this RIMS tube, please return it for a full refund including your original shipping.

Our new Configuration Tool will walk you through several steps allowing you to select the various options for your RIMS tube.

Base product price: $99.00

Customer Reviews

  • Author: Chris Hinninger
    I did a lot of research on RIMS tubes before buying this product, including some of the DIY ones made with stainless tees. This one is great because the placement of the inlet and outlet optimize contact with the heating element. I am using a 4,500W 240V ULWD element, running at 120V, along with a cheap Ebay temperature controller. I am getting a little better than 1deg/s temperature increase with my 5gal MLT (I hope to upgrade to 10gallon batches soon). My only advice is to make sure you purchase a non-grounded thermocouple, if you go with the 1/4" FPT. Unless you specify it, most thermocouples will be grounded to the threaded fitting. This causes a ground loop to the heating element, which will make your temperature measurement useless. Overall, I am very satisfied with this product! Happy Brewing!
  • Author: Neil Silvester
    I bought this unit when it was first released with the intention of incorporating it with the BCS I bought 18 months ago. Well it has taken me a looooong time to pull my finger out but I finally set everything up yesterday and am in the process of making my first brew. Needless to say I am more than happy with it. I am running a 240v 2200 watt cartridge element and so far am seeing about 1.2 deg c temp raises with my 40L square (esky) mash tun. Great product and even better after sales support! I highly reccommend not only this product but also this business to anyone and everyone. I'm the newly elected Brewmaster for the Brisbane, Australia brewing club and am looking forward to showing it off at a brewday I am hosting in a couple of weeks. Cheers mate =)
  • Author: Joe
    Was a bit hesitant at first as it seemed like this was going to add up to a sizable equipment investment. My buddy and I both bought one and it works great.

    Does a great job of maintaining temperature and so easy to clean compared to the DIY versions using threaded pipe. Love it.

    I see there is a 2" version now. I might have gone for that if it was available to give a little more space for the element but my element doesn't seem to touch the sides so it really hasn't been an issue.
  • Author: Charles Middleton
    First and foremost, the build quality is phenomenal. The tri clover design is a little hard to grasp if you aren't terribly mechanical like me, but once you have the system in front of you things make so much sense. It allows the entire system to be broken down and completely cleaned. It's a pleasure to assemble, break down as well as clean.

    DIY is very worth it for a lit of things, but this is one investment best left to the pros that can make an awesome product like this!
  • Author: Warren Cook
    This is just an AWESOME piece of kit. After trawling the internet for RIMS builds and contemplating a DIY version I finally decided to purchase the BH RIMS tube as good DIY components are hard to source in the UK. The build quality is exquisite, it gleems like a piece of medical equipment. With my 3,500W 240V element it works a treat. Recently added a tri-clover sight-glass and it is worthwhile extra to track the wort clearing. Simple to assemble and break down for cleaning, 10 brews in and I cannot fault the RIMS tube at all. After sales support from Derrin and the team matched the product's high standard.
  • Author: Daniel Shaw
    I've had the RIMS tube on my wish list for well over a year. I'm kicking myself for waiting so long to make the purchase. As other have mentioned, the quality is excellent. It certainly gives a professional appearance to my brewery!
  • Author: Brandon Jackson
    I purchased this RIMS tube kit based on the high quality feedback it is getting, and I must say this thing is built to high standards and you won't regret this awesome piece of hardware!
  • Author: Alan Ingersoll
    Why isn't "1"/1.5" Tri Clover Compatible X 1/2" Cam & Groove Male Plug" not a choice in the I/O configuration for this RIMS tube?
  • Author: Russell Sciandra Jr.
    The quality of this RIMS tube is second to none, and the ability to orient the input and output in different directions was just what I needed for my setup. It's solid, leak free, and the high polished finish really makes my whole system look professional. This equipment is worth every penny, and the customer service was outstanding. I highly recommend this RIMS tube to anyone looking to up the ante on their all grain brews.
  • Author: Jesus Gomez
    We are buy products from your company, I'm new using your web site
  • Author: Peter Friend
    I was looking into building a RIMS tube and after adding up the cost of all of the individual stainless fittings, it came up to around what this unit costs, without all the benefits of TC fittings and other niceties. I am especially pleased with the heft and quality of the element adapter.