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The Dry Hopper - 1.5" Tri Clamp Compatible

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The Dry Hopper

1.5" Tri Clamp Compatible (Convert to 2" by adding the cap reducer kit below)

Purge hops with CO2 for no oxygen dry hopping

Dry hop under pressure

Hybrid Ball Valve is a ball valve with a pull trigger locking handle

Welded and made to order. Ships in 2-3 weeks from date of purchase.

  • $180.00



It's finally here. After months of R&D, we feel we have the best no oxygen dry hopper on the market. Introducing The Dry Hopper from Brewers Hardware.

  • Dry hop without introducing oxygen into your fermentor? 
  • Dry hop while fermenting under pressure? 


This dry hopper allows you to dry hop or add any additions to your beer without introducing oxygen and oxidizing the beer. It also allows you to make additions to your beer fermenting under pressure without having to release the pressure. This helps stabilize your fermentation schedule resulting in better repeatability with batches, healthier fermentation, and less oxidation. 

This dry hopper works by containing the addition inside of a sight glass and purging out the oxygen before dosing. By equalizing the pressure inside the sight glass and fermenter, you can add anything to your beer without degassing or depressurizing.

NOTE: After some testing, we noticed sometimes hops can get caught after a few fall in. To help prevent that from happening we recommend not filling above the top glass gasket in the sight glass version and leaving about an 1" of room in the stainless tube version. When pouring the hops into the sight glass or stainless tube try not to cram them in as that can cause them to jam as well.



Weight: 8 lbs

Height: 14"

Pellet Hops Capacity: Sight Glass Version - 4 ounces, Stainless Tube Version - 3.5 ounces

Pressure Rating: 15 PSI


With the included prv and corny gas post, you will be able to completely purge the chamber before dry hopping. 

We know a lot of people have a 2" TC port with fermentors so we added a 2" x 1.5" TC Cap Reducer with an extra 1.5" clamp and gasket as an optional extra to make the dry hopper compatible. The dry hopper is pretty tall at 11.25" so you may have trouble using it if your fermentor is inside of a refrigerator or tight place.

For instructions on how to set up and use the dry hopper for both non-pressurized and pressurized fermentation, check out our PDF instructions in the link above. 

WARNING: Please be careful when using the dry hopper especially if fermenting under pressure. Removing the TC clamp holding onto the sight glass without pulling the PRV first can cause the sight glass to jump up as the pressure is vented out the bottom and cause damage to the tank or injury.

    • Weight
      8 lbs
    • SKU
  • Sight Glass or Stainless Steel Tube
    Sight Glass, Stainless Steel Tube
  • Valve Type
    Standard Ball Valve, Hybrid Ball Valve
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