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Corny Keg Fermentor Kit with 24" Thermowell

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Convert your corny keg (ball or pin lock) into a fermentor.


  • Corny keg lid and gasket
  • #5 drilled stopper
  • 24" Thermowell
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We know a lot of people ferment in corny kegs. They're convenient, stainless steel, and if you keg already you have them laying around. Our corny keg fermentor kit offers a great solution to control fermentation temperatures without having to rely on taping a probe to the side of the keg. Included is a 24" thermowell which goes down far enough into the keg to get an accurate temperature reading. With a 0.305" inside diameter, the thermowell is compatible with nearly all temperature probes including Inkbird, Ranco, or most other temperature controllers. 

Kit Includes:

  • Corny Keg Lid and Gasket (Compatible with Ball or Pin Lock Kegs)
  • Bung
  • 24" Thermowell (0.305" Inside Diameter)

Since there is no airlock hole, we recommended either removing your gas post and adding 3/8" or 1/2" tubing over the threads with a worm clamp, or using a gas quick disconnect with tubing. Be very careful if you go the quick disconnect route because clogging if much more likely to happen so make sure you have plenty of head space. Tubing can be purchased separately HERE.

Not compatible with Race Track Style Corny Kegs

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