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8" Tri Clover Compatible Fermentor Lid

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8" Tri Clover Compatible Fermentor Lid w/ one 3" and two 1.5" TC ports

  • $100.00
Backordered until end of August

This lid is the same lid we include with our 15G - 42G conical fermentors. This thing is heavy duty and has one 3" and two 1.5" Tri Clover Compatible ports.

The 3" port is great for dry hopping. Recently people have been adding a sight glass to one of the ports to purge the hops before dumping them in. This helps reduce oxidation in the finished product. Having two 1.5" ports means you have options for what you want to add to the lid. A good setup might include a PRV for pressuring the tank and a barb for a blow-off. By using standard TC ports on the lid it gives you the freedom to customize these however you want.

Converting a sanke keg to a fermentor? This lid is perfect for you. Weld on an 8" ferrule to the top of a sanke keg combined with this lid and you have yourself a great fermentor.

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5.00 (Votes: 1)
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  • John MacElroy
    Apr 16, 2021, 11:17
    This fermenter lid is absolutely fantastic! It's built like a bulkhead on a submarine, it's a substantial piece of metal with incredible fit and finish. I use it on a sanke keg that I had an 8" ferrule welded on locally. The guys who did it specialize in precision orbital welding and couldn't believe how reasonable the price was. It makes cleaning the keg infinitely easier!
    Brewers Hardware, Inc.
    Apr 19, 2021, 08:19
    Thanks John!

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