1.5" Tri Clover Compatible Economy Clamp

Tri Clover Compatible fittings rely on two things; a clamp and gasket. We have always felt we have one of the best heavy duty clamps on the market and have seen some that feel so cheap they seem like they shouldn't even pass as stainless steel. Over the years, the market has become competitive with clamp pricing so we wanted to bring in something that didn't sacrifice quality but could be sold at a lower price. We think we hit it out of the park with this one. 


The same Brewers Hardware clamp quality you know and love but with a little stainless steel shaved off for a more lightweight and smaller clamp. We now feel we also have the best economy 1.5" tri clamp on the market. The price on ours might be less than our heavy duty version, but they still feel great in hand and work just as well.

The size of both clamps is pretty similar but where it differs more is in weight. Our heavy duty clamp weighs 250 grams (8.8 ounces) and our new economy clamp weighs 155 grams (5.46 ounces). Our heavy duty clamps are still priced at $5.50/clamp and the economy clamps are $4.50/clamp. If you are looking to save some money, the economy clamps are a great choice without sacrificing quality.



1.5" and 2" Tri Clover Compatible Flanged Gaskets

About a year ago we brought in 2" Tri Clover Compatible Flanged Silicone Gaskets from our manufacturer as a sample to offer a cheaper option to our line of Rubber Fab flanged gaskets. We were pretty happy with how they turned out but weren't planning on selling them as a main inventory item so we listed them in the clearance section. Well you guys proved us wrong and loved them so much it blew through our inventory. So we shifted our plan and are bringing in more sizes! We have added 1.5" TC flanged silicone and 2" TC flanged EPDM to our lineup. 




Flanged Tri Clover Compatible tri clamp gaskets have a small flange around the circumference of the gasket, holding it in place on one of the two fittings.  This allows for a much easier overall operation.

We have more new products in the works so stay tuned for future blog posts.