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10" Low Pressure Burner

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10" Low Pressure Cast Iron Burner with shutter


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This low pressure cast iron burner puts out approximately 56,500K BTU. Designed to work at 11" WC of pressure for LPG and 7" WC for NG, it can burn either natural gas or LPG propane. It includes a shutter for air mixture control. Rather than concentrating all of the heat in one place like jet and ring burners, this burner spreads the heat out over a larger area. It is very quiet (you almost can't hear it when it's burning natural gas) and is very heavy duty: it weighs an amazing 15 1/2 pounds!

  • Accepts a 1/4" MPT orifice or orifice/valve. (Not included, see related items)
  • Heavy Duty cast iron (15 1/2 lbs!)
  • 4 mounting lugs spaced every 90º, 11" across the lugs

What is WC Pressure?  WC stands for Water Column and is measured in inches.  It is a measurement of pressure under 1 PSI.  Most gas companies deliver gas to your home at between 7" to 11" WC.  27.7" WC is equal to 1 PSI.

WARNING !! - Burners must be installed and plumbed by a qualified plumber.  NEVER install a natural gas burner without the help of a qualified plumber and ALWAYS consult local building codes prior to installation.  Improper installation could result in injury, loss of property and/or death.  NEVER leave any burner lit while unattended!! Never light this or any burner in a closed or confined space as they can and will emit carbon monoxide which is DEADLY.  This burner is for outdoor use only and should NEVER be used inside any structure.


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  • Luke H
    Dec 31, 1969, 16:00
    I have 3 of these in my brew system with NG orifices. What I like about these over jet tip burners are:
    (1) These are dead quiet. You have to double check to make sure they're even on. Jet tip burners are very loud.
    (2) They can be adjusted fairly low, which I like for my mash tun, but also crank out quite a bit of heat if you properly set them up with correct ventilation.
    (3) They are large in diameter, so there is more uniform heat distribution across the bottom of the kettle.

    *Some advice: get the burner shield mounts that Brewers Hardware sells, or make custom burner shields for them. They are affected by breezy conditions (as are all flames).

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